Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This website owes its existence to the ingenuity of Anne Shulock, without whose counsel I'd be facing the quagmire of a conventional thesis. Perish the thought. By now my plan to contribute to the academic discourse on Hitchcock would've run headlong into the discovery that Hitchcock scholarship warrants its own library call number (PN1998.3.H58). This would effectuate panic, despair, regrouping, withdrawal, disgrace, and ultimately my old Blockbuster job (and hours, and wages). The rest of the story would resemble a Bukowski novel, a Springsteen song, or some inconceivable hybrid of the two. Thanks, Anne. Seriously.

Thanks also to the eccentric and mostly delightful mélange of inmates and parolees of Pomona Penitentiary, especially Ash, Laura, Kiel, and a handful of others I can thank in person. Special mention to Dave Curtis, Lil Coyne, Wendy & Ed Gaither, Fred & Betty Mears, Dave Mears, Ron "Harvey" Stoops, Manfred Becerra, Edward P. Jones, Jerry Coyne (aka Uncle Scrooge), and the extraordinary Prof. James Morrison.

Not forgetting Maestros Hitchcock, Welles, Truffaut, Herzog, Wilder, Lean, and all their colleagues who've made cinephilia not merely defensible but imperative.

And an incalculable debt of gratitude to my parents and best friends, Bob and Susan Mears, whose acts of thoughtfulness across the years defy enumeration. Love you guys. You too, Mr. Gills.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my great-uncles, Bernie and Morley Frank, and especially to my grandfather and soulmate, Floyd P. Coyne (1918-2003).

"Death ends a life. But it does not end a relationship."

Miss you every day, Toadie.

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Poppy said...

This promises to be an exciting and creative new website. Hurry and launch it so we can read your comments about all things cinema-related!